Wednesday, August 23, 2006

UPDATE! by the order of Shanel!

Why hello to the world! I am alive.

I'm... at work at the moment, but go go actual lunch breaks. Plus I get to play with the nice mac I have here. So sweet! I want one. Anyways. I'm enjoying my job, and it has been renamed to Flyer Process Manager, thankyouverymuch! Plus some translating and graphics on the side. I'm still settling in, but I'm enjoying this place. Just hope you guys never, ever go through the lean process. It's funny, I wouldn't be able to explain it, but I am very much aware that it's, aah.... huh... something.

ANYWAYS! Wedding date is October 5th.
Not many details have been decided, but the ceremony will be in Grande-Dique, the reception in Cocagne. Um... I already chose my dress. I'd post it here but the quality of the one on the website sucks, plus I want it to be a surprise. I love this, it's like my little project! I'm trying not to go overboard. Gah! It's like decorating a cake. You don't really want to wait for the cake to cool down before putting on the frosting.

WELL besides that. I've only drawn on bits and pieces of paper, so no drawings. Maybe this weekend. Soon I'll be able to buy a scanner! OOOOh! Ok. I go now!


Jon Lambe said...

so are me and jeff and invited to this SOOO called wedding? lol. good to hear your job is going well.... im working on odd job jack (shoot me in the head), anyways i hope all is goin well!

~Shanel said...

lol! john are studio is just finishing with that dumb show.. hehehehe.. also Celia.. you should specify that its next year :P people are going to get excited and very disapointed when you tell em its not this year :P unless of course you changed your mind and want it this october! :O

~Shanel said...

and by dumb. i mean.. coooll... yes.. ya! cool show... -.-

Jerm said...

Exciting stuff girl. By the way, you should get Sandy one of those old Ninja Turtle's rings that used to come in the Shreddies. They were great, totally wedding material.

CarolineJarvis said...


Celia said...

It's 2007, lol, as if I could plan a wedding in two months. We're gonna have Han Solo and Leia on the top of the cake, ahaha. Han Solo is DA BOMB, yo!