Sunday, July 30, 2006


A note to the general public:


Since Friday night. Details will come later, must do some rounds with my fiancee now.

Thursday, July 27, 2006


Guess who got the job at Irving??
I FINALLY have a freakin' job! I'm working as a proof reader for now, I have to go over all the flyers before they go out (it's alot more than proof reading let me assure you) and they told me I would also be slowly working into graphic design, so, there.

*sigh of relief*

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Sketch post 2

Sketch dump! I need a scanner really bad, because taking pictures of drawings just doesn't work. Again, don't mind the crappy quality. I can only do so much! On the bright side, atleast I'm drawing. BE THANKFULL.

How I misss my computer, and my high speed. Today I hooked in my computer and it was beautiful. My music! My pictures! Oooo! I need to dabble more in photoshop and flash too.

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Kingom Hearts II

So I just finished Kindgom Hearts II. What an awsome game. Ah man. I was going through it like there was no tomorrow, I put in atleast 30 hours this week alone, and had to leave the PS2 on for atleast three days, but wow. And go go Squaresoft and Disney, totally leaving room for a Kindgom Hearts III.

Well I don't have much to say. So for now, ta-ta!

Friday, July 21, 2006

Mina love! and I guess a drawing too...

I haven't really been drawing much, just half finished doodles that aren't going anywheres. But atleast I finished one! I haven't drawn and shaded anything since, oh, Art Fundamentals I believe.

Um, the quality is really, REALLY bad. I took a picture with the camera, that's why. I don't have a scanner so a camera will have to do for now. Don't you hate it though, when the paper gets slightly humid, and when you draw it's all light and has that gross feeling? MmHmm. I need some 2B pencils. In a box... somewheres...

And now, a picture of Mina! You guys so knew it was coming.

Friday, July 14, 2006

Interview, baby!


Sketch + lettars

Well, atleast I have a sketch! I'm scanner-less. I had to go over to Sandy' sister's house to scan my stuff, which honestly isn't a big deal since it's maybe a five minute drive up the road.

Anyways. I sent in my test to Humigade. Um, it was pretty rushed and I was reaaaaaaally rusty, so I'm not overly confident. The test was basically draw a character in four/five different styles. Actually, that sketch in the corner there was the main sketch that I got my character from. So yeh.

I'm still being dependent and it SUCKS.

BTW, my standard skillz aR going way up, y0!

That's about it.

Monday, July 10, 2006

The Cruise Experience

I'm back, from the sunny Carribbean! Wow, I'm really glad to be back. I love travelling and I actually did enjoy the trip, but being so close to the same people for five days straight really gets on my nerves. BUT. Now I'm at Sandy's house, lounging around. No job yet, although Humigade sent me a test last week. Woo!

OMG. There's a job title called "Entrepenerd". Wicked.

Well, the cruise was great. I mean, all you can eat food 24 hours a day, the best strawberry daiquiri and singapore sling I've ever, ever had, and, oh god. The. Best. Sushi. Ever. I swear. I also ate squid (little teeny weeny little purple ones!) and escargot and anchovies. Mm. But, hey, it was all free. They also had the hugest dessert table, like, you wouldn't believe. Man, you'd think I'd be like, 180lbs now, but now, I actually lost some weight on the cruise. Ha!

So our two stops were at Grand Cayman and Kazumel (no idea if I spelled that correctly) We did alot of shopping in Kazumel, along with visiting a small Mayan temple, which was pretty wicked. But in Grand Cayman we got to swim with stingrays! The huge two-metre long ones! We got to swim with them, along with feeding and getting a lovely back massage from them. It was amazing. Then we did some sornkeling at a small reef, that was awsome too. Alas, it went by too fast. It's hard to believe I was on a boat for five days. I still feel a bit wobbly even today. Oh. And my flying experience was great. Hee! Feels just like an elevator.

Anyways. time to go! No drawings today, since I'm on Sandy's computer, but wait in a week or so when I'm finally settled in.