Saturday, September 09, 2006

Going to Cali-for-niaaaaah

Hola everyone!
So I finally got breathing room now to sit down and relax. Kind of. Atleast until 2 o' clock! My weeks have been pretty busy, and are bound to get even busier. Wenesday night was Sandy's finals in the ball hockey tournament, they ended up third place (out of four, ha) and now on Thursday nights I play Dreamblade, which is awsome cool! It's a miniatures game that plays a bit like chess, it's all about controlling the board, but it really is wicked fun, only maybe four-five people in Saint-John play it right now... but it's getting bigger. I managed to get some Magic players' girlfriends playing too. Everyone's addicted!

And now starting next week it'll be Sandy playing ball hockey three to four times a week, us joining the gym, us playing Dreamblade on Thursdays, Friday Night Magic/Dreamblade on Fridays, hopefully have free weekends (ha) and yeah. It's gonna get busier. And at work it's getting pretty busy as well, unfortunately, as much as I know I could help, I can't, since my job depends too much on other people doing their job on time. I still love it though, I actually do like working in advertising. Something to think about later on.

Anyways. I am going to GenCon So Cal. Asked my bosses they said no problem! So a free trip to California, and a total geekfest. I think I should start preparing now. Sandy and I leave November 19th and will be back the 21rst. Oooh... man... I can't wait!

Also, wedding date is going to change. Apparently, the Diosis (sp?) of Moncton for the Catholic church does not allow for Saturday weddings after 11:00AM, so Sandy and I having half the relatives living in Saint-John this is a bit bad. We're going to have it on a Friday... in October... but getting the reception site and church booked at the same time is horrible. I thought we were ahead of time booking it a year and three months ahead of time, but I guess not. I should have guessed though. Oh well. I'll be hearing wedding bells one day.

Bah... that's about it for now. I've been totally addicted to watching Battlestar Galactica (the new one, never seen the old one). Seriously guys, CHECK IT OUT. It's amazing. Sandy and I are going through withdrawl right now because season 2.5 is only coming out later this month, and season 3 not for another year or so. It's sci-fi, but they make it right! Seriously. It's good. Check it out.

Saturday, September 02, 2006


So. I might just be going to GEN CON SO CAL.
One of THE biggest geek fests out there (actually, the third biggest), right in Anaheim, and I might be able to go for FREE. Fanbases for absolutely EVERYTHING. Holy shit on a stick! Sandy was going no matter what, on judging duties, but his boss over there actually suggested that I come along and help as well. It wouldn't be like a paid vacation, because I am going to be a volunteer there, but who cares?! Now the only thing that might make things difficult is the fact that I would need to take three days off from work, but hopefully they'll understand. Being engaged with a super geek does have its advantages :P

Nothing much else to say really... besides PORKCHOP SANDWICHES!!!


"I still don't understand why you can't bring in Bruce Campbell. You really need to get him!Preaching to the choir! We love Bruce and have tried on many occasions to bring him to Gen Con Indy and So Cal. It's usually the case that he is just too busy, but we try. Oh, do we ever try!!!"