Friday, July 14, 2006

Sketch + lettars

Well, atleast I have a sketch! I'm scanner-less. I had to go over to Sandy' sister's house to scan my stuff, which honestly isn't a big deal since it's maybe a five minute drive up the road.

Anyways. I sent in my test to Humigade. Um, it was pretty rushed and I was reaaaaaaally rusty, so I'm not overly confident. The test was basically draw a character in four/five different styles. Actually, that sketch in the corner there was the main sketch that I got my character from. So yeh.

I'm still being dependent and it SUCKS.

BTW, my standard skillz aR going way up, y0!

That's about it.


CarolineJarvis said...

Good luck with the job hunt.... if it doesn't work out I know some 2D ppl I can hook ya up with!


Celia said...

awww, thanks caroline!

R.A. MacNeil said...

I like your drawings. Continue posting drawings. I like drawings in general. These are good drawings.



ps Drawings drawings drawings