Monday, July 10, 2006

The Cruise Experience

I'm back, from the sunny Carribbean! Wow, I'm really glad to be back. I love travelling and I actually did enjoy the trip, but being so close to the same people for five days straight really gets on my nerves. BUT. Now I'm at Sandy's house, lounging around. No job yet, although Humigade sent me a test last week. Woo!

OMG. There's a job title called "Entrepenerd". Wicked.

Well, the cruise was great. I mean, all you can eat food 24 hours a day, the best strawberry daiquiri and singapore sling I've ever, ever had, and, oh god. The. Best. Sushi. Ever. I swear. I also ate squid (little teeny weeny little purple ones!) and escargot and anchovies. Mm. But, hey, it was all free. They also had the hugest dessert table, like, you wouldn't believe. Man, you'd think I'd be like, 180lbs now, but now, I actually lost some weight on the cruise. Ha!

So our two stops were at Grand Cayman and Kazumel (no idea if I spelled that correctly) We did alot of shopping in Kazumel, along with visiting a small Mayan temple, which was pretty wicked. But in Grand Cayman we got to swim with stingrays! The huge two-metre long ones! We got to swim with them, along with feeding and getting a lovely back massage from them. It was amazing. Then we did some sornkeling at a small reef, that was awsome too. Alas, it went by too fast. It's hard to believe I was on a boat for five days. I still feel a bit wobbly even today. Oh. And my flying experience was great. Hee! Feels just like an elevator.

Anyways. time to go! No drawings today, since I'm on Sandy's computer, but wait in a week or so when I'm finally settled in.


~Shanel said...

whoah sounds wicked! wish I was there... blahhh

Mattstro Disastro said...

What, no pirates in the Caribbean? Oh, wait, they're here! In our THEATRES! ARRRRRRRRR


Lucca said...

clad your back, and that your blog is up and running again!

Caramelly said...

Did i heard sushi?? sushi in caribeans?? omg now i wanna go just to taste sushi!! Thansk Celia :P